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Fostering a child may be challenging, but the reward is beyond compare.

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Who We Are

The Villages is a nonprofit agency committed to ensuring that every child in Indiana has a safe and stable home. When children are removed from their parents’ care, it is our responsibility to provide them with the right well-trained, temporary foster parent. At The Villages, we’ll help you earn and maintain your foster parent licensure, provide continuous support, and partner with you to provide the necessary resources for a safe and supportive living environment for kids.

Why Choose Us

When you foster a child through The Villages, you’ll never walk alone. We are dedicated partners, set apart by our:

  • Comprehensive ongoing training
  • Supplemental funding for children’s urgent needs
  • 24/7 support
  • Experience and expertise

What Foster Parents are Saying

“I have been a foster parent with the Villages for just over 2 years. They have been AMAZING in supporting me and the kiddos that I’ve had in my care. I had huge issues with my first placement but they worked diligently to support me and remind me why we are all in this. I’ve heard other foster parents share concerns of their agencies and I always am quick to recommend The Villages.”

— Emily, foster parent

“To say we are beyond blessed to be licensed with The Villages is an understatement. The support, encouragement, and love we see as parents and most importantly our kiddos in our home is the reason we keep pushing through the foster care system. Our case manager, Jess, is truly a God sent. Seriously if it wasn’t for her and Jennifer we wouldn’t have made it our 1st year of fostering!”

— Mercede and Alex, foster parents

A Foster Parent Story

After their first foster parent meeting at The Villages, Joel and Jamie knew this was their calling. “Our hearts were moved by the great need for foster parents in our community,” Joel says.

For families considering becoming a foster parent, Joel and Jamie say unconditional love for the child and respect for their parents are important facets of the experience to keep in mind when making a final decision. “Come into it with a mindset of reunification being the best thing for children who will love their parents no matter what,” Joel says. “Speak well of the parents. Know you are doing something that will impact these children for the better, even if the time is short.”

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