Building Healthy Families

Through The Villages Healthy Families program, support and encouragement is provided to help new parents champion their families and give Indiana’s babies a brighter beginning. By building confidence, reducing stress, and maximizing the joys of becoming a new mother or father, Healthy Families helps parents and children grow together.

Why Healthy Families?
Parenting is the most difficult and important job anyone can have.  All parents need support and encouragement, and we believe that parents have the right to voice their own needs and determine what services and programs are best suited to help them.

By connecting parents with the most current information on how babies grow, change, and develop, we can help ensure they start on the right foot – and grow into a healthy childhood.

How Can Healthy Families Help?
Participants in Healthy Families receive regular visits beginning prenatally, or within 90 days after the birth of a baby. A family support worker (FSW) visits the family in their home to help establish support systems, teach problem-solving skills, and enhance positive parent-child interaction, and can continue to receive services until their child is 5 years old. All these services are voluntary and provided at no charge to participants!

Each Healthy Families parent will be provided information and education about:

  • Recognizing and caring for your baby’s needs
  • Discovering what to expect as your child grows
  • Ways to play with your baby to encourage normal development
  • “Baby-proofing” your home
  • Community services, including referrals to community resources
  • Problem-solving strategies
  • Ways to continue your education
  • Budgeting and financing information
  • Employment options
  • Transportation options

How Can I Participate?
To participate in the program you must be expecting a baby or have a newborn younger than 75 days old and be interested in child development and related issues.

Getting Started is Easy!
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