Our Community-Based Services

Every day, The Villages works with families throughout Indiana to provide services and support to make them stronger. We do our work in part thanks to help from donors, and thanks to grants from the Lilly Endowment that help ensure our ability to provide human services. We also work with partners such as United Way of Central Indiana to identify emerging needs in our communities and find new ways to meet them.

Below, you can learn more about some of the services we provide. Or you can contact us to learn more.

Care and Treatment Planning and Review
We provide every client of The Villages with an individual treatment plan developed for his or her needs and strengths. Goals are developed in collaboration with the child and family team, reviewed on an ongoing basis, and updated to reflect progress.

Child and Family Treatment Teams
To best serve each person, decisions for treatment are designed and reviewed by a treatment team made up of many different people. Team members may vary from time to time, depending on the services offered. Your input is critical, as no one knows your family as you do. Other team members may include a case manager from The Villages, therapists, teachers, a Department of Child Services case manager, a probation officer or parole agent, foster parents, court-appointed special advocate, and other people involved with the family.

Home-Based, Family-Centered Casework Services
Casework services preserve, support, and stabilize families by improving caregiving and coping skills and enhancing family resilience. Services may include community referrals for housing, employment support and follow-up, child development education, behavior modification, conflict management, and advocacy.

Home-Based, Family-Centered Therapy and Counseling Services
Therapy services are strengths-based, goal-oriented, time-limited services provided in the natural environment of families who need assistance. Areas of need may include stress management, problem solving, grief and loss, sexual abuse issues, domestic violence education, communication skills, adoption issues, and interpersonal relationships. Home-based services take place in the home, while counseling services may be in the counselor’s office or other settings.

Homemaker/Parent Aid
The Homemaker/Parent Aid provides assistance and support to the family by advocating, teaching, demonstrating, mentoring, and/or role modeling new skills. Skills may include budgeting, home management, parenting, time management, transportation assistance, child safety, nutrition, and crisis resolution.

Parenting/Family Functioning Assessment
The Parenting/Family Functioning Assessment is an in-home evaluation process. The assessment includes an interview with the family and completion of a checklist by adult family members. Observations are made regarding the parent-child relationship and the home environment to help identify areas of strength and need.

The Villages supports visitation between children and their parents and guardians. The child’s legal guardian will determine the frequency, location, duration, and circumstances of visitation. You child’s DCS case manager or juvenile probation officer will provide visitation recommendations, which will be approved by the court.

Parent Education
Parent Education helps parents develop skills in parenting, discipline, and child development. It provides parents with tools to assist them in the lifelong task of disciplining, understanding, and loving their children.