Children’s Wraparound Services

Mental Health Services for Children and Families

Children have rich mental and emotional lives, but much less experience managing their emotions than adults. When serious mental health issues like depression and trauma come into play, kids often don’t know how to react, and may express their feelings in negative and even damaging ways.

Wraparound services is an intensive process to support families with children who have significant mental health needs. A family’s participation in wrapround services is completely voluntary. Families that choose to participate will be supported by a team consisting of others already working with the family, new providers selected by the family, and the family’s own friends and relatives.

Everyone on this team works together to reach goals set by the family based on what they’re struggling with the most. Families have access to help 24/7 to assist in dealing with crises as they arise, and each family has a specific care plan tailored to their individual needs and goals.

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