Trivia Night for Kids

The Villages Young Professionals Advisory Board is excited to announce their first ever Trivia Night for Kids. This hardworking group of Young Professionals has a heart and passion for all children served by The Villages and is working to build financial and in-kind resources for their special “Fund a Need Initiative”. This fund goes above and beyond fulfilling the basic needs of children and families by enriching their lives and becoming their safety net. By participating in trivia you are helping provide a bike and helmet for a child to play and learn during the summer; covering the cost of The Villages Healthy Families Program graduation celebration to ensure all their families who are graduating are honored with a party and gifts congratulating their accomplishments; wrapping around a grandmother who is raising her child’s infant son, whose refrigerator died and desperately needs a new one; and impacting the lives of so many more. By joining us at Trivia Night for Kids, you are becoming a difference maker in the lives of the nearly 11,000 vulnerable children we serve every year and we are so  excited you are willing to join us!