Diaper Day


Too many Indiana parents find themselves in a situation where they must make an unthinkable decision: Do I buy diapers or food for the week? One in three families report not having sufficient funds to have a supply of diapers to keep their child clean, dry and healthy.

The Villages of Indiana annual Diaper Day on Friday, September 25th is a way to fill the diaper gap. You can make an online donation through Amazon. Diapers and wipes will be delivered directly to The Villages’ Indianapolis office for distribution to foster and kinship families, Healthy Families participants, and older youth with children throughout the state.

Due to COVID-19, we are unable to accept in-person donation deliveries. Donations from other online retailers are gratefully welcomed. To coordinate a donation using another online retailer, visit our Contact page to find the nearest Villages office and shipping address. To receive an acknowledgement for tax purposes, send your Amazon email confirmation to KCottingham@villages.org.



Managed Health Services

This year, Indianapolis-based Managed Health Services (MHS) has partnered with The Villages and will match up to $3,600 or about 144 packs of donated diapers on Diaper Day. Thank you MHS for making the impact of each donation even greater!

To Donate Diapers Go to The Villages Wish List at Amazon

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Indiana Families spend approximately $90 a month on diapers.