Child Abuse Prevention Month Kick-Off Virtual Event

Join Us for Our First Virtual Child Abuse Prevention Kick-Off on April 1, 2020!

Prevent Child Abuse Indiana is a vital resource to our community and is working diligently to protect and serve the children of our state. Amid the COVID-19 virus, this work is more important now than ever before. This vulnerable time is causing families to become unemployed, leading to lack of resources for food and shelter. We know that vulnerable conditions such as these can lead to increased cases of child abuse, which is why we need your help.

It is possible that small, discreet actions can make a diference in a child’s life. Please join us at this virutal event to see how you can make a difference during Child Abuse Prevention month.


“April is a time to help people across the country understand the safe, stable, and nurturing relationships and environments are necessary to ensure that children grow up happy and healthy,” says Sandy Runkle, Director of Programs for Prevent Child Abuse Indiana.

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Event Details:

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 at 9:00am

Our Speakers:

Todd Louden, Advisory Committee Chair, Prevent Child Abuse Indiana. Todd had been involved with Prevent Child Abuse Indiana for many years and currently serves as the Advisory Committee Chair, as well as serving on the Board of Directors for The Villages of Indiana. Todd values the importance of child abuse prevention and is proud to serve as an advocate and champion for Indiana’s children.

Sharon Pierce, President and CEO of The Villages of Indiana. Sharon has been the President and CEO of The Villages since 1992. Before joining The Villages, Sharon served a Deputy Director for the Indiana Division of Family and Children, overseeing Indiana’s state welfare system. She has served on many boards and committees, among them the National Board of Directors for Prevent Child Abuse America. Sharon brings a wealth of knowledge regarding prevention, safety, and welfare for Indiana children.

Thank You to Our Event Sponsors

Support Prevention with a Pinwheel Kit

To further support Prevent Child Abuse Indiana, please consider purchasing a Business Pinwheel Kit or Home Pinwheel Kit. The pinwheels are 12″ in height and are a commitment to child abuse prevention in our state. The home kit comes with 12 pinwheels and a 18×24 lawn sign with stake. The business kit comes with 48 pinwheels and and two 18×24 lawn signs with stakes.

Pinwheel Activities for Kids

Download our Pinwheel Coloring Page to enter a coloring contest! Display your pinwheel at home for all your neighbors to see. Take a picture of your pinwheel and tag it #PCAINgoesvirtual. If you don’t have access to a printer, draw your own pinwheel! We will announce the winner during the virtual event and you will receive a free box of pinwheels to create a “pinwheel garden” at home.

Make your own pinwheel with these easy step-by-step instructions. With only a few at-home supplies you can create a fun pinwheel to display at home. Take a picture of it to share on social media and tag #PCAINgoesvirtual. We will announce the winner of the best homemade pinwheel during the virtual event. You will receive a free box of pinwheels to create a “pinwheel garden” at home.