Attorney/Out of State Adoption

Adoption, Attorneys, and Out-of-State Agencies

When we talk about attorney or out-of-state adoptions, we’re referring to those instances when a family works with an adoption agency or attorney in Indiana or another state to complete an adoption. In these cases, the other agency/attorney completes the process of matching the family with a child.

In order to work with another state, the family needs Interstate Compact Placement of Children (ICPC) approval from the sending state. Applicable services offered by The Villages include a home study completion and a post-placement supervision report completion as required by the authority finalizing the adoption.

If you’re considering this option, The Villages is here to offer you support. Here’s what you need to know.

Timeline and Benefits
Families typically can complete the necessary paperwork and home study process within two to four months. The time necessary to make a match and complete the adoption will vary depending on the attorney or out-of-state agency the family is working with; you’ll need to contact your attorney or out-of-state agency to inquire about their typical timelines.

For families that choose this option, though, there can be several benefits. Having The Villages provide services in this situation allows the family and the attorney or other agency to utilize our expertise in helping the family prepare for an adoption, identify and address any potential concerns before and after the adoption, and refer the family to support services through local agencies (possibly including The Villages) when needed.

Requirements and Cost
The requirements for attorney and out-of-state agency adoptions can vary widely. In order to make sure we give you accurate information, please contact The Villages so we can discuss your particular situation and need. When you do, we’ll also be able to explain our fees based on the specific services provided. You can also expect to pay private attorney fees during the adoption process, although these will vary by attorney and the type of adoption.