A private domestic adoption is facilitated by a private licensed adoption agency or an adoption attorney, for a child who resides in the United States and is not under the supervision of a public agency such as the Department of Child Services.

Private domestic adoption is a wonderful way for parents to provide children with a permanent, loving home. But if you’re new to the process, it can feel overwhelming. At The Villages, we walk along side parents who are considering adoption, providing resources, guidance, and and support.

As a licensed child placing agency, The Villages offers the following types of private adoptions.

Relative, Kinship, Stepparent Adoption

There are times when the best option for a child is to be adopted by a family member, a kinship relative (defined as someone bonded with the child but not biologically related), or a stepparent. These adoptions can provide a significant sense of security and permanency for the child, formalizing an existing bond. The Villages supports these adoptions through services including home study completions, background checks, and answering questions along the way.

Timeline and Benefits
Families can typically complete the necessary paperwork and home study process within two to four months. The time necessary to finalize the adoption will vary by attorney, so contact them directly to discuss their typical timelines.

Requirements and Cost
The requirements for relative, kinship, stepparent adoption depend on the specific circumstances of each case. Contact us directly so we can understand your specific situation and provide the appropriate information on fees structures and what they entail. There will also be private attorney fees, which will vary based on circumstances.

Out-of-State Adoption

Out-of-state adoptions refers to when a family works with an adoption agency or attorney in another state to complete an adoption. In these cases, applicable services offered by The Villages include a home study completion and a post-placement supervision report completion as required by the authority finalizing the adoption.

If you’re considering this option, The Villages is here to offer you support.

Timeline and Benefits

Families typically can complete the necessary paperwork and home study process within two to four months.

For families that choose this option, there can be several benefits. Having The Villages provide services in this situation allows the family and the attorney or other agency to utilize our expertise in helping the family prepare for an adoption, identify and address any potential concerns before and after the adoption, and refer the family to support services through local agencies when needed.

Requirements and Cost
The requirements for out-of-state attorney or agency adoptions vary. To provide the most accurate information, please contact The Villages to discuss your particular situation. We will explain our fees based on the specific services provided. You can also expect to pay private attorney fees during the adoption process, although these will vary by attorney and the type of adoption.

Infant Adoption

When a family adopts an infant born in Indiana, The Villages can help to facilitate the process from start to finish, including matching the family with a birth mother/potential adoptive child. We also help families complete home studies, and provide placement services such as working with an attorney to complete paperwork, collecting background information from birth parents, and sending/discussing the home study with your attorney.

We also provide follow-up services such as post-placement supervision, report completion, and post-adoption counseling for the birth parents. Our goal is to ensure a happy, successful outcome for all parties.

Timeline and Benefits
Typically, families can complete the necessary paperwork and home study process within two to four months.

For families who wish to adopt an infant, private, domestic adoption is often the only avenue available. It also allows adoptive and birth families to choose the level of communication they wish to have with each other as the child ages.

Requirements and Cost
The requirements for infant adoption vary case-by-case. In order to provide you with the appropriate information specific to your needs, please contact The Villages. We will explain our fees structure and what you can expect. Another expense is private attorney fees, which can vary and depend on your particular circumstances of your adoption.

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